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I need to ask you straight ...

What is happening in your money world?

·  Are you tired of worrying about your financial future, getting out of debt or having enough money      to educate your children in the way you desire?

·  Are you working really hard but seeing very little improvement in your financial wellbeing?

·  Do you worry about your old age and wonder if you’ll be safe and secure financially?

·  Are you worried your current financial plan, if you have one, may not give you the money you need    to be able to stop working and live the lifestyle you want?

·  Have you tried to figure it all out or asked for help just to have investment jargon thrown at you or      worse, some broker trying to sell you yet another financial product designed to make him rich?

·  Are you exhausted of working hard and still not having enough time and money to spend time with          those you love?

·  Would those you love suffer terribly financially If you had to stop working, lost your source of income        or if something happened to you?

·  Are you confused about how to invest and create assets that can earn money for you?

If you answered yes to any of these questions
you are in the right place.

​Here’s the thing …

Everything you need to create your own financial freedom so you can live life fully on your terms and be free of money worries forever can be learned …

… but tragically most people are never taught this.

You see, nobody popped out the womb a financial genius!

Mastering money and creating real, sustainable wealth so you can be free to do the things you want, with those you want, when you want is a learnt skill …

… a skill you’ll have after your 30 Day Money Makeover.

So what exactly is the 30 day Money Makeover?

The 30 Day Money Makeover is a 30 day online training programme that teaches you EVERYTHING you need to know to master money and get it working hard for you so you can finally know you’ll be able to stop working and live the life you really want.

Every day you will receive a 5 to 10 minute training video to teach you what money really is, how to manage it easily and how to get it working for you. These convenient bite-size chunks of unique wealth creation training are designed to fit into your busy life so you can experience real change in just 30 days.

In the span of the thirty days you will learn more about money than most people ever learn in a life time!

You will:

·  Discover how to get money working for you instead of you working so hard for it;

·  Know the key ingredients of wealth, how to recognize them and what to do with them to create wealth heaven      instead of money hell;

·  Get really clear on what you actually want in life and how to get rid of the things that are preventing you from        having it now;

·  Create meaningful money goals that are authentic and aligned to your values and make measurable progress        on them in the 30 days;

·  Set up your wealth kitchen set up and create your wealth cooking tools;

·  Discover the 5 Recipes for Wealth and how to implement them in your life so money works for you;

·  Understand why your past money actions have failed to create the financial freedom you desire and know how      to change those actions to create a Money Flow pattern that easily and effortlessly expands your wealth;

·  Know what step to focus on next based on your current financial situation;

·  Implement new wealth habits into your life designed to transform your wealth and ensure your financial                  freedom;

·  Discover how to get Debt Free in 3 to 7 years, including your mortgage, no matter your starting point;

·  Discover the world of assets which earn money for you and how to create these in your life easily and                      effortlessly with way less money or time than you might think; and

·  Feel the peace of mind and excitement that comes from finally having a financial plan that works and the skills      to make it happen!

Feel confident knowing you will be able to stop working far sooner

than you ever imagined AND live the lifestyle you always wanted

Don’t take our word for it - read the feedback

“The 30 Days Money Makeover gave me what I need to be financially free!”

Else Kosberg – Molde, Norway

“Learn new money skills and great life enhancing habits”

Rosemary Walker, Scotland

“Supported by Ann's fantastic experience and wisdom. It's a no brainer :)”

Marilyn Laurie, UK

Freedom is created by those that dare

to believe in their dreams AND take steps every

day to make them come true

How your money makeover works:

As soon as you SAY YES to your Money Makeover you will get immediate access to your Money Makeover Training portal.

There you will find your 30 Day Money Makeover workbook which walks you through your 30 powerful money master lessons.


Each of these lessons is delivered to you daily via an instructional video that will teach you the skills and tools you need to master your money and create your financial freedom. These videos together with a daily action embed the learning into your life so you create lasting change.

These are the very skills, knowledge and tools I used to create my own financial freedom and which have now helped thousands of other big hearted people just like you do the same.


Creating your financial freedom and getting your money working hard for you is an on-going process, so your daily lessons are made available one at a time to ensure you don’t get overwhelmed and have the space and time to implement them fully.


You will have access to all the videos, training and tools for as long as you need them, being able to come back again and again to any specific aspect of your Money Makeover you want to master, depending on where you are in creating your financial freedom.

"Take the bull by the horns" 

“The 30 Day Money Makeover is a fabulous way for anyone serious about attaining financial freedom to take the bull by the horns and start bringing it to life guided and supported by Ann’s fantastic experience and wisdom. It’s a no brainer :)”

Caitriona Ellis | Ireland

Every great journey begins with a single step.

Start Now and take action!

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WARNING: Only do the 30 Day Money Makeover if you are ready to see major

improvement in your wealth AND create financial freedom!

Hear real feedback - in their own words...

“What a fabulous turning point for me. Fired up!”

Karen Pape, South Africa

“Worth it! Do it! Don’t wait - Ann has the answers, folks.”

Victor McKinlay, UK

“Thank you for giving me a new financial destiny.”

Samuel Lemao. South Africa

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"If you seriously want to create wealth"

"Ann’s amazing 30 Day Money Makeover Challenge has completely transformed the way I relate to money. In clear, easy steps Ann outlines the basics – from paying yourself first – to creating passive income streams to buying assets and breaking free from debt! If you seriously want to create wealth and abundance in all areas of your life, and understand yourself and your strategies, then I urge you to do the programme now."

Gina Baksa | Bath, England

Yes Ann, I’m ready to transform my life
with a 30 Day Money makeover!

Your information is safe and your order is secure.

"Completely transformed the way I relate to money"

“Ann's book - The Wealth Chef - and her amazing 30 Day Money Makeover Programme have completely transformed the way I relate to money. In clear, easy steps she outlines the basics - from paying yourself first - to creating an income stream from buying assets. And ditching your liabilities!

If you seriously want to create wealth and abundance in all areas of your life, and understand yourself and your strategies, then I urge you to buy the book and do the programme now."

Bozena Muzyk | South Africa


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